Tarseal is just for getting there !

Welcome to Ebbetts Raceway

Rain Out Events Procedure

All entries recieved for any rained off event, will automatically transfer to the next meeting. This being either a rescheduled date or the next calendar event. A new date will be advised to all members.

Should you require a refund, email registrations@franklindirtkartclub.co.nz with a request and supply your bank account details from the email address associated to your entry. If you email us from different email, we are unable to process due to security reasons.

The Next Event (When Run)

All entries carried over from a cancelled meeting to the next run meeting will be deemed to have been attended after the next meeting has completed, even if you did not attend.  However, you can formally notified your non attendance (only via email) to registrations@franklindirtkartclub.co.nz . We will then roll your entry to the next event. A message to and via others is not able to be accepted. NB, We need a paper trail after the event to followup on.